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Amparo Sánchez is a very creative and talented artist, that's no news. Since she was touring intensively with Amparanoia since 2017, she will use 2020 also to put the focus a bit more (again) on her solo-carreer. By the end of 2019 she released the excellent album and concept 'Hermanas', a project she did with the Brasilian based poet Maria Rezende. But in May 2020 she will also release her 4th solo-album, a kind of 'soundtrack' to her own and very honest autobiography 'La Niña y el Lobo' (the Child and the Wolf). Amparo moved back to her home-region Andalucia in the Spring of 2019, to take care of her mother living in Granada. This 'discovering roots again' also led to the encounter with two fellow brilliant flamenco guitar players: Víctor Iniesta Iglesias and Eduardo Espín Pacheco. They both have a long carreer as guitarist in bands such as Estopa or Elbicho, or as musicians with legendary flamenco stars such as Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Soleá Morente,... Amparo Sánchez will hit the road with these 2 excellent guitarist and will not only play the songs from her forthcoming album, but also the fantastic material she wrote for earlier albums such as 'Tucson-Habana', 'Alma de Cantaora' or 'Espíritu del Sol'. 

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