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The Orchestre International du Vetex isn’t a band out of  the blue. More than that, it’s a collective of about 15 musicians, from Flanders, Wallonia and the North of France. Since they started up in 2004 in the former textile-plant in the Sint-Jans neighbourhood of Kortrijk, the band played more than 800 concerts in a row. From blockparty’s in Wazemmes, Jemappes, Béziers or Stasegem, to big festivals like Couleur Café, La Fête de l’Huma, Dranouter or Esperanzah. From the squares in Sarajevo to the metro in Prague. From the Olymplic Wintergames in Torino, or Mons 2015 to prestigious jazz-and theaterfestivals in Graz, Krakow, Nis, Santander or Montreal…From honeymoons to funerals, from street-theatre to rock-festivals. Vetex does it all.

Official website

Territory: World

Touring Period: all year long

Booking AgentThijs Vandewalle (Belgium) and Piet Decoster

Label: Via Lactea

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