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Rumbaristas is a brand new project by Willy Fuego (La Kinky Beat, Amparo Sánchez), Roel Poriau (Think of One, Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra), Tomas De Smet (Think of One, Zita Swoon) and Thomas Morzewski (Don Tomasino, Orchestre International du Vetex). Rumbaristas creates its own ravishing universe of rumba, tarantella, cumbia or ska, mixing it up with some positive gastronomic streetwise attitude, dreaming about an eclectic travel-around-the-world quartet...

Rumbaristas will be working hard in 2018! The band will be touring some clubs in Spring before recording their debut album to be released in September. Their sound is the perfect track for a nice colourful festival. So hey, don't wait till Winter to book them!

Official website

Territory: World

Touring Period: all year

Booking AgentThijs Vandewalle (Belgium)

Label: Via Lactea

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