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The fact that Karl Hlamkin is an extraordinary artist everybody knows for a long time. And that's putting it mildly. To judge the originality of this Latvian artist it's enough to only list the names of his projects: "Hlamkin is going to Israel", "Karl and the Section of wooden toys," Karl and the Section of lethal devices "," Karl and Orchestra of gypsy jazz", "Hlamkin is going to marry ","Karl and Cuckoo's bite"," Charles and Orchestra of hostages in the name of Tupac Amaru "and others. Nowadays Karl's band is called "OgneOpasnOrkestr", but  it's not easier. Karl also has cultivated the image of a complete sot, belting out his opuses in which the author goes to the very scum of society in the best tradition of Tom Waits. At the same time his songs music support is so cheerful, it really gets you to rend your garments! Here the sunny ska style intertwines with not less solar Balkan rhythms and tunes of Bregovic and Kusturica sort. Naturally, such an artist could not show his red nose on a friendly KUBANA stage. Anyone who wants to feel a freedom-loving gypsy and start dancing, just do not have the right to skip Karl's show!

Official website

Territory: Benelux/France/Spain/Scandinavia

Touring Period: May/June/July/August 2018

Booking Agent: Piet Decoster

Label: autoproduction

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