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Short and sweet: Joan Garriga is one of the key figures of the Catalonian and Spanish pop music of this century. As the main leader of Dusminguet and La Troba Kung-Fú he just created a new genre, rumbia, a formidable mix between gipsy rumba and latin cumbia that explodes to infinity and beyond on his flammant EP, Nocturns de vetlla i revetlla (2019). This is not only the first release under his real name but his debut of his new band, el Mariatxi galactic, a powerful combo inspired by the sound of the Mexican norteños where you can find his old pal Marià Roch on bass, Madjid Fahem (guitar player of Manu Chao and La Ventura) and the drums of the incredible “Rambo”.

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Official website

Territory: world

Touring Period: all year long

Booking Agent: Piet Decoster

Label: Via Lactea

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