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From East-Berlin´s speakeasies to the global turntables. Thieves for love. Musical pirates, they lost their hearts in New Orleans, in the Ukraine, the Bosnian mountains and in Liverpool and then sailed off with a sizable bounty. Soulbrothers with Manu Chao, Dr. John, Devendra Banhart and Naftule Brantwein.

DI GRINE KUZINE got style, they got their own style:

All of it is self made, all of it is personally stolen and all of it is really unique. Charming and full of power, music from the wild heart of Europe. A multilingual pocket orchestra with roots. With wings. With a big heart. And soul. And with that rough-edgy little Berlin twist.

Reputed as the first Germans, that make you dance. At home in Odessa, in Copenhagen and Lissabon, in Clubs and Festivals throughout Europe. At home at little party locations in the swamps around Berlin, on top of the alps at an Austrian wedding and at the barbecue party of the German president.

Beyond time and space, DI GRINE KUZINE maintains their unique sound, mixing wild energy and passion, inspiration and joy, yearning and pain to a sparkling experience.

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Booking Agent: Piet Decoster

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