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Panienki is the newest 'hot thing' coming from the vivid music scene from the North-French city of Lille.

Imagine 5 ladies coming from different backgrounds playing a fantastic and amazing repertoire of Central-European, Latin and French music. You could easily call them the contemporary or Central European version of Zap Mama 2018... Or you could also call them a magic trip between the repertoire of Edith Piaf, Liby Hollman or even Aretha Franklin...

Their liveshows are both introspective as festive, their music invites to sing and to dance...

Panienki is the perfect band to put on your festival or event, bringing the perfect colour in one's daily life...

Official website

Territory: Europe (except France)

Touring Period: all year long

Booking Agent: Piet Decoster

Label: autoproduction

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