Amparo Sánchez

September 26, 2013 in amparo sanchez, booking, management

Cover Album Espíritu del Sol

Espíritu del Sol’, that is the title of the 3rd solo-album of the Spanish singer-‘cantaora’ Amparo Sanchez. After the release of ‘Alma de Cantaora’ (2012) and her first solo-album ‘Tucson-Habana’ (2010), this brand new album contains 12 colourful songs that will be released in October 2014 by World Village/Harmonia Mundi.

As it was the case with ‘Tucson-Habana, this forthcoming album is again recorded in the Wavelab Studios in Tucson (Arizona) between January and February 2014. Joey Burns (Calexico) not only produced the album but also invited other Calexico-musicians such as John Convertino (drums), Sergio Mendoza (keyboards, accordion), Ryan Alfred (bass), Jacob Valenzuela (horns), Brian Lopez (vocals), Mona Chambers, Vicky Brown (strings) and the Mariachis Luz de la Luna for the recording session. Moreover, some of the songs also have been arranged during Amparo’s tours through Argentina and Mexico. ‘El ultimo Cuarteto en Paris’ is an original collaboration with the legendary Cordoba-cuarteto-star ‘La Mona Jimenez.’ Other Latin American musicians such as Raly Barrionuevo, Malena de Alessio (Actitud María Marta) and the Mexican ‘Colectivo Tapacamino de Oaxaca’ give a typical touch to this new album.

Espíritu del Sol’ will again show Amparo Sanchez as one of the most typical, cheerful and warm voices of the Spanish music scene. Since Amparo released her first album with Amparanoia in 1997 a lot of things happened. She grew out to one of the legendary ‘mestizo’ artists worldwide, the winner of the BBC World Music Award in 2005 and a brilliant live artist who is keen to play big festivals as well as small clubs.

Positive’ and ‘feminine’ is perhaps the right word to describe the overall ambiance of Amparo Sanchez’ new album. The new songs expresses Amparo’s strong belief in the positive and important role women can play in our world. As she did in the past, this new album again reflects her passion for bolero, rumba and even an Argentinian ‘cuarteto’, all mixed up in a warm desert-liked production of Joey Burns. He also presented an original cover of Mano Negra’s ‘Long Long Night’ and Chavela Varga’s ‘Ultimo Trago’…

After the release of her new album, Amparo Sanchez will again hit the road with her 5 piece-band, including the Cuban Jose Alberto Varona Saavedra on trumpet, Jordi Mestres on double bass, Willy Fuego on guitar and Ricard Parera on drums. Don’t get things wrong: Amparo Sanchez was and will always be the mother of female invention!